Teak is a type of wood that is very popular among furniture manufacturers and lovers around the world. Then actually, what makes teak furniture in great demand around the world?

1. Strong – Teak is a very solid wood. This type of wood is very sturdy, durable, and can withstand various types of weather, be it hot or even very cold weather. The advantages above make teak an excellent choice for outdoor furniture, and of course it will be indoor furniture that has very strong durability. This solid nature also makes teak furniture will not experience rot or share other problems that can attack furniture made of other types of wood. Teak wood itself is divided into 3 classes, namely classes A, B and C. Class A is of course the strongest teak and is most suitable for use as a material for making outdoor furniture because of its natural rubber and oil content which helps strengthen the natural character of teak.

2. Beautiful – The color and grain of teak make it one of the most attractive woods used as a material for making furniture. Although outdoor teak furniture can change color to silvery gray, outdoor teak furniture will still look elegant, while you can maintain the warm golden color of indoor teak furniture by frequently smearing it with teak oil, which you can get at hardware stores. Its solid nature makes teak furniture can also be formed into various types of shapes which are difficult to do with furniture made of other types of wood which tend to be soft. Thus you can get a more variety of beautiful furniture shapes.

3. Adaptability – The advantages of teak wood that have been mentioned above, such as strength, long durability, warm color, and resistance to termites or various other types of problems make teak wood very adaptable to various types of conditions. Its water-resistant and unbreakable nature has made it a favorite material for shipbuilding for hundreds of years and since then it has been used for a wide variety of furniture, both indoors and outdoors. From large dining room tables to elegant wardrobes and outdoor teak furniture that you place on your patio, teak furniture provides the durability that furniture lovers are looking for.

One of the rational considerations when buying furniture, of course, is the price. Most of us know that we cannot buy the best outdoor furniture without spending a fortune. However, price shouldn’t be the only thing taken into consideration. Because the benefits you get from your money are equally important.

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